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Application form for August 2021

August 2021. application

August 2021. application

August 2021. application

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Personal info

This form is only for artists that live and work in Norway.

This application form is for a stay at KHmessen for the month August 2021. AiR start date 01/08/2021 end date 31/08/2021.

I want to apply as an

If you want to apply as an artist couple then you have to send in 2 applications.

Mention on both applications the name of your partner.


Name of your partner


Postal Code/City/State





Date of Birth dd-mm-yy


Artistic information

Artistic work field


Please submit:

C.V. as one PDF max 2 mb

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Project plan for your stay at KHMessen (MAX 200 words)

Documentation of work.

Website or other documentation. (we prefer website).


Documentation of work as one PDF max 5 mb

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Other information about yourself and your work which you consider

relevant for the valuation of your application (MAX 200 words).

Other information

A recent photo of you ( is required) . JPEG min. 0,2 mb max 2mb

Max. size: 256.0 MB

Ready to send

By submitting this application you confirm that you agree with our:

house rules and privacy policy.

The KHMessen house rules can be read here:

KHMessen house rules

The KHMessen privacy policy can be read here:

KHMessen privacy policy

Only complete applications with the requested attachments will be in consideration.

A recent photo of you is required.

Check your application in the summary.

You will get a copy of this application sent to your email address after submitting.

Please note that you must be able to communicate in English.

Costs for the artist 1000,- NOK.

All other expenses such as living costs, travel, materials, insurance and transport must be covered by the artist also.