Art house Messen, Ålvik, Norway
Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norge

Open Studio

Welcome to the Open Studio at 24. August 2017, at 19:00 hrs.

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August 20, 2017
Open Studio

Workshops at KHMessen

Like every year just before the summer holidays, pupils from the local ungdomsskule (secondary school) are visiting KHMessen.
Hans Pulles organizes these events every year, together with the artists that are staying in Messen at that time, and who want to be part. We make a full program starting with a studio tour, where we visit all the studio´s from the artists in Messen. There is a reading about Messen and about what creativity means. And after a short break there are workshops, given by the artists.

This year the workshops were about complex form finding with soap and curved folding exploration with paper. These workshops have as goal to expand the pupils idea of creativity, the function of creativity and of being an artist or designer. And of course to show that it´t FUN !


Marika Kaipainen is showing her community art project through a powerpoint presentation, and demonstrates a clay workshop where the pupils have to clay a face blindfolded (not allowed to watch). They have to trust their hands as being their eyes.


Saurav Roy Chowdury shows his bronze works at his studio.


Despina Nissiriou is showing her creative process at het studio.


After seeing an introduction video about the company Robofold. The folding workshop started, lead by Hans Pulles and Marika Kaipainen. Making a 3D form by folding paper with simpel household tools like plates and knitting needles. Starting with simpel forms, ending with complex forms.




After seeing the introduction video of the architect Otto Frei and Zaha Hadid, the pupils discovered complex forms by using soap. Bending aluminium threads into soap holders, and then explore and play. The workshop was lead by Despina Nissiriou and Saurav Roy Chowdury.


These workshops are financial supported by NORSK KULTURRÅD and SPAREBANKSTIFTINGA HARDANGER.

June 27, 2017
Workshops at KHMessen

Open Studio May

Last week we made a tour to the Open Studio´s of the artists who stayed at Messen during the last two months.

Thank you Edith, Elisabeth, Yuko, Larissa and Agnieszka, for showing us your wonderful works!

Yuko2 Yuko1

Yuko Kinouchi, videoworks.

Elisabeth3 Elisabeth2

Elisabeth Alterburg, Installation, objects.



Larissa Borteh, paintings and drawings.


Agnieska Agnieska2

Agnieszka Kozlowska, photography



photo Edith Meijering
photo Edith Meijering
Edith Meijering, paintings in watercolor.

May 31, 2017
Open Studio May

Open Studio

On Tuesday 14th March, at 19:15 there will be a new Open Studio evening at KH Messen.

Don´t miss it !


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March 11, 2017
Open Studio

Meet our new logo

logo Messen v2

Is it a cat, is it an owl, is it a face…… no…. it is the New LOGO for KHMessen!

Messen is working on a complete new housestyle, and this new logo is part of it.
It is representing the red house, with a little bit of factory, Ålvik historie, and with a free cartoony character.

From now on we will read and write with the new logo!


February 21, 2017
Meet our new logo

Selection 2017

The following artists are selected for KHMessen in 2017:

Zoe Ni Riordain (Irland)
Marielle Chabal (France)
Nai Zacharia (France)
Gisela Romero (Venezuela)
Maia Nichols (USA)
Lucineh Hovanissian (Armenia)
Sandra Christensen Blichert (Denmark)
Phillipp Bünger (Germany)
Daehyun Kim (South Korea)
Marcel Tarelkin (Germany)
Eva Isaksen (Norway/USA)
Euphrosyne Andrews (UK)
Edith Meijering (The Netherlands)
Elisabeth Altenburg (Austria)
Larissa Borteh (USA)
Agnieszka Kozlowska (UK)
Tets Ohnari (Japan/Czech)
Despina Nissiriou (UK/Greece)
Saurav Roy Chowdury (India)
Marika Kaipainen (Finland)
Ana Hursh (Mexico)
Christian Santana Prinz (Mexico)
Ruby Berry (Australia)
Kathrin Rabenort (Germany)
Ivana Tkalcic (Croatia)
Cristina Megia Fernandez (Spain)
Guillaume Greff (France)
Asumi Hayashi (Japan)
Hui Serene (China)
Karla Caprali (Brazil/USA)
Sunniva Krogseth (Norway)
Maja Skjøth Hegelund (Danmark)
Sam Van Strien (USA/UK/NL)
Matt Reeves (USA)
Collette Krogol (USA)
Molly Joyce (USA)
Alexandra Huddleston (USA)
Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir (Iceland)
Daniel Chong (Singapore)
Heike Endemann (Germany)
Inne Eysermans (Belgium)
Yuko Kinouchi (Japan)

November 18, 2016
Selection 2017

Open Studio

Welcome to the Open Studio in KHMessen on saturday 19th November!

This will be a special Open Studio to not only see and hear about the works, but also do !
Giordana Victoria og Sonia Padilla (from Mexico /Spania) will tell us about the way they work and give a demonstration.
and Hans Pulles (Nederland/Norge) would like to share his Curved bending workshop! Please come to Messen and join this event !




November 14, 2016
Open  Studio

Club Sandwich and Oh Soon Mi at Galleri Puls

Welcome to the exhibition of Club Sandwich and Oh Soon Mi at Galleri Puls in Norheimsund !


Club Sandwich

The artistic collective Club Sandwich (Giordana Victoria, Mexico and Sonia Padilla, Spain), was formed in 2014 with the intention of developing new proposals in the field of contemporary art. Through a hard and rough material such as the marble. Our desire is to re-propose the material from an antonym quality, the fragility. That has been forgotten in the time, and which creates an unusual tension. An attribute that gives incredible possibilities.

The everyday objects and the decontextualization of them, is one of the speeches that surrounds our mutual obsession, the pursuit of beauty and the ambitious intention of eternalize the frivolity of an object that has been consumed.

Oh Soon Mi

(South Korea)
In the universe, my own cosmic order breaks a bit I can’t lead our life, therefore I continuously try to keep the balance whether I am aware of it or not. My work is the efforts towards surviving and keeping the balances of the world. These efforts are to reveal and reflect my desire to identify my existence.

November 4, 2016
Club Sandwich and Oh Soon Mi at Galleri Puls

The Irreversibility of Time, exhibition by Oh Soon Mi


On Tuesday 25. October, from 19:00 – 21:00 hrs. Oh Soon Mi will show the results of the 3 projects she worked on during her stay at KH Messen.

The exhibition focuses on the aspects of human existence.

Oh Soon Mi will show 3 different projects that tell us about her concern with the appearance and disappearance by the passage of time and shows that the human being will also disappear someday.
Life and death are a fact of life. No one can avoid death. However, most people often forget this obvious truth in their daily lives.
The time that reminds people of their mortality can be a passage of life to humanity.

About her projects:
15 minutes for freedom
“15 minutes for freedom” is inspired by the book of “time seller”. I realized that the time for myself was not included in my life, but was lived for others’ perspectives. This work was planned to sell the 15 minutes of freedom to the users who are not living their own life.  15 minutes of time is 15 minutes of life, and it has the same value regardless of peoples’ race, religion, and even social classes. Once you buy this box, you get the right to use 15 minutes thoroughly to yourself.

Sealed Eternity_Life (Ålvik)
The work, Sealed Eternity_Life (Alvik) consists two videos: sunset and sunrise, taken in Alvik. The videos (sunset and sunrise), which signifies an allegorical symbol of birth and death are projected and reflected on both sides of walls by the mirror engraved a mask which symbolizes human’s persona. In addition, it induces reflective thinking on our lives, which are likely to be immortal in an endless repetition of darkness and light.

Unstable Equilibrium
“Unstable Equilibrium” is an interactive device on which visitors stand and try to find equilibrium. The work is made by audience members in real time during the exhibition. When they align the device horizontally with the floor, the light underneath it turns off for a brief moment.

“The darkness is pure and whole. The darkness, the images are also endless space no boundaries, no vison.

The darkness is each of us has the infinity that bears on the inside.”
-The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera-

October 22, 2016
The Irreversibility of Time, exhibition by Oh Soon Mi