Art house Messen, Ålvik, Norway
Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norge

Artists 2020

In February 2020 the following artists have a KHMessen working period:

Jasper Llewellyn / UK / Performance art and time-based media.

Jasper Llewellyn is an artist, researcher and facilitator, working primarily in Performance Art and time-based media. His work stems from a basic interest in the border between art and everyday life, alongside other recurring themes of speed, invisibility and ‘ways of looking’. Often, situation-specific interventionist strategies are constructed, and implemented, in the everyday realm in order manipulate the fabric of social reality, often existing on the edge of perceptibility. His practice is conceptually-driven and is often born out of extensive academic and on-site/situation-specific research.


Mikiko Fujita / visual artist / Japan
Mikiko Fujita, receiver of the prestigious “Bologna Illustrators Exhibition Award” in 2014, tells for a long time with her favourite materials pastel, pencil and oil about her nocturnal worlds. A boy, her protagonist, escapes from the socially regimented and capitalist reality into a parallel existence where dreams come true. Nocturnes are created in the forest, episodes of his ideal universe: Skateboarding, climbing, swimming in a lake and the construction of a tree house. Fujita’s main interest goes to book illustration, enabling to hold the art in one’s hand and look at it any time. Her nocturnal worlds become a constant companion. Among her works are also the illustrations for the Winter&Winter album »Mother Goose’s Melodies« (Childrens songs for adults).


Annette Cook / printmaker / Australia 
Annette is an award winning printmaker who has work in major state collections around Australia including the National Gallery in Canberra. Her subject matter explores the natural world, in particular the cross species communication possibilities of the marks and patterns of Australian native animals.
Her ideas and practice are located at the intersects of design, graphics, fine art and science.

Jaya Senquist / writer / USA.
Jaya Stenquist is a writer based in Minneapolis. Her poetry has appeared in Hobart, West Branch, and Mid American among others. Stenquist was a 2018-2019 poetry fellow in the Loft Mentor Series and honorable mention in fiction. She has been awarded grants, fellowships, and residencies.  She is a two time recipient of the Nevin Prize from the Academy of American Poets, she was a winner of the 2014 Intro Journals Award from the Association of Writers and Poets.


In January 2020 the following artists were at KHMessen for a working period:

Natalia Mikhalchuk / Illustration / Russia.
Natalia is an illustrator based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She makes watercolors, acrylic paintings, ink pen, marker drawings and vector illustrations.  She went to the Nicholay Roerich art college on a painting faculty. She studied graphic arts faculty in St. Petersburg State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Since 2013 she works as a freelance artist in different art genres and as a book illustrator for Publishing House Mescheryakova, ‘Clever-media’ publishing house and as an illustrator for ‘Rockcult’ web magazine about rock music. She also completed a graphic design program at International Design School in Saint Petersburg in 2016-2017. Her recent works have been inspired by folklore, mythology and old fairy tales.


Sandra Blichert Christensen /visual artist / Danmark
Through drawing, printmaking, collecting, ceramics and woodwork Sandra is exploring personal narratives and memories.
She received her MFA at the Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art (MA), Bergen, Norway.  She received her BFA from the Department of Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.