Art house Messen, Ålvik, Norway
Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norge

Artists 2019

Artists who are staying at Messen in April 2019.

Lindsey Dezman / USA / Ceramics.

Lindsey Dezman makes abstract sculptural ceramic forms using nontraditional approach to making. Her focus is on systematically exploring different types of clay and their use. Sometimes her scientific approach is more literal, in the case of Basin Series Dezman studied different clay bodies and their many reactions to different firing temperatures, and displayed them in groups illustrating different effects of the firing temperatures: colors and sheen, cracking, melting and even boiling.


Tero Juuti / Finland / Digital media artist.
Tero is a freelance graphic designer specializing in typography, lettering, motion graphics and identity design. He also enjoys working with book design & illustration projects.


Susanna Crum / USA / Visual artist
Susanna Crum conducts research-led projects that investigate maps, printed ephemera, and viewing devices as social artifacts at the intersection of past, present, and future. With processes like cyanotype, lithography, woodcut, and screen print, Susanna combines digital and analog technologies, and emphasizes print media’s roles in maintaining relationships – and erasures – between people and place. Susanna’s multilayered images merge community-based research with archival materials like letters, maps, newspapers, and oral histories, and propose an interpretation of place in which past and present are concurrent and vital.

Susanna runs together with with fellow artist and partner Rodolfo Salgado the city’s first shared printmaking workspace  Calliope Arts Printmaking Studio & Gallery, in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.


Rodolfo Salgado / USA / visual artist
Rodolfo’s artwork incorporates printmaking, hand-blown glass, ceramics, mixed media sculpture, and performance, and explores the relationship of the body to industrial forms and social norms. Originally from southern California, Rodolfo received an MFA in Printmaking with a minor in Ceramics at the University of Iowa in 2012, and a BFA in Printmaking from California State University, Chico in 2007. International and national exhibitions have featured Rodolfo’s artwork, at venues such as the Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China; the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI; the Janet Turner Print Museum, Chico, CA; Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA; the Quad City Art Center, Rock Island, IL; the Sioux City Conservatory of Music, Sioux City, IA; the Green Building Gallery, Louisville, KY; and the City Gallery, Lexington, KY.


Filipa Pontes / Portugal / Drawing
I use drawing, my main medium of expression, to create artist books, performances, and installations.

The desire to expand the knowledge of the complexities within our contemporary and global society and to experience new ways of being in the world has led me to question the relationship between artistic practice and autoethnography. Within this paradigm, my work is a self-reflexive research on society and culture from a personal universe where time, space and place are predominant dimensions.


Sandy Harris / UK / visual artist.
Sandy Harris (b.1989) grew up in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and completed her BA:FA at The Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town, South Africa (2015). She now lives and works in Glasgow, United Kindgom, where she completed her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art (2018).
Over the last six years or so Sandy has begun to cultivate a relationship with fabrics, and particularly, with the process of transforming fabrics into objects. Building on a previous practice based around principle of feminism, control and the home, Sandy has begun to move away from the more obvious political statements towards a practice that is more nuanced and instinctive.
The notion of space and its relationship to the body has recently become one of her primary concerns. Her most recent work explores those things that take up or define space in and around our homes, and how these things influence our interactions within the space.

Title: on the couch. Material: couch, corduroy, thread, 95 x 124 x 84 cm. 2018




Artists who were staying at Messen in January-February-March 2019.

Melody Loveless / USA / Digital media artist.
Melody Loveless is a digital media artist, educator, and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work ranges from pieces for electronic and acoustic instruments, live coding performances, wearable game controllers, interactive media, sound installations, and more. Alongside maintaining an active practice as a technology and art educator in the New York City area, she performs often with Codie, a live-coding trio that performs ephemeral works by coding music and visuals live on a stage. She has had performances at Performance Space New York, the New York Hall of Science, and Eyebeam. Past honors include being an Artist in Residence at Gamli Skoli in Iceland. She holds a B.A. in Music from he University of Nevada – Las Vegas, a M.M. in Music Composition from New York University – Steinhardt, and a M.S. in Integrated Digital Media from New York University – Tandon.


Tom Faber / UK / Paintings and mixed media
In my work I combine painting and digital collage to explore how we relate to our environment.
I begin by gathering images – photos of different landscapes, microscopic imaging of plants, computer game imagery and historical paintings. From these I create paintings and drawings which I then scan and arrange digitally. Often I also leave prints, drawings and other materials outside to degrade, before reincorporating these marks into my work.
The resulting pictures aim to investigate the boundaries between real and virtual, natural and artificial, and hint at the unpredictable processes now at play between them.

Title: Talos as a Child. Digital Print. 2019


Helen Horgan / Ireland / mixes media. and
Subverting the traditional boundaries of image and object, mixed media artist Helen Horgan investigates structures of thought and systems of belief through unorthodox archival and biographical methods. Taking the form of a sculptural diary Horgan’s work involves ongoing personal attempts at grasping the production of incidents of meaning, as played out through the logic of language and the mechanics of her artistic processes. Using a variety of materials including fabric, sound and text, visually excessive spaces evolve where the idiosyncratic aspects of the human character unfold.
Driven by an embodied responsiveness to the immediate environment Horgan’s practice has personal rather than political intentions, only insofar as either of these realms can be strictly demarcated. Her sculptural and installation works function primarily as sites of rupture and dislocation between the private and the civic realm. Here the individual and the singular finds itself in a unnerving state of constant transfiguration; boats become islands, figures become mountains, graphic marks or written ‘characters’ bear smiles. Stand alone pieces block easy objectification, preferring to exist as both man-made structures and imminently present ‘beings’. Complex narratives are often held together by an intricate fusion of personal and historical myths. In this way a playful and childish humour infuses the work which is sometimes idiotic in an almost carnivalesque sense, whilst maintaining a tactile affection for the tragically human.

‘Hermes Alive!’ Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda (2013)


Dorian Temming / the Netherlands / visual artist.
The drawings of Dorian Temming are often idea sketches for images in a room.
The images do not always end up there, the drawings become independent works. Space studies, for the space imagined. It often starts with two or three lines that divide the space. From there she starts sketching. Themes such as daily objects, food, succession and people and nature in its cooperation and opposition inspire her. This produces strange or unusual connections between the objects.


Paola Ruiz Molto / Spain / Interdisciplinary artist.
Running away from panoramic city model, arise the need to build new realities from the perspective of memory and experiences. I am interested in working from projects on a particular subject, research in relation to the archival documentation, the text as an artistic proposal. Projects with a common point, nature and memory, history and tradition, weaving a network of learning and new structures, converge in sculptural installations, often ephemeral pieces, using textile and organic materials of the environment, reinterpreting craft techniques under a contemporary look , establishing a relationship between sound, space + nature, recording the process through drawings, audio tracks, videos – diary and weaving new structures.
Now I give a twist to my artistic work with fresh air, Interpreting the morphology of the landscape in textile sculptures with vegetable fibers.

Project realized during stay in the international residence of artists, Air Van Gogh House. Zundert, Netherlands, 2014. Title: Building my own garden Material: Esparto Hand-knitted.

Alicia Hyang-an Lee / South Korea / Photography.
I became interested in the clumsy and ugly appearances of the city at some time and I started to take pictures of the city. Perhaps, the only emergency exit that I found in a dull life in which I have even felt dreaming is extravagant might be the very act of taking pictures by seeing surroundings as unfamiliar. Most of scenes were made by accident without any plans and aesthetic consideration. For this reason, I fancied my active involvement, saying to myself “it would be better if something was added here” while looking at them. (statement about her photography-project Fantasy in Everyday Life)


Jasper Llewellyn / UK / Performance art and time-based media.

Jasper Llewellyn is an artist, researcher and facilitator, working primarily in Performance Art and time-based media. His work stems from a basic interest in the border between art and everyday life, alongside other recurring themes of speed, invisibility and ‘ways of looking’. Often, situation-specific interventionist strategies are constructed, and implemented, in the everyday realm in order manipulate the fabric of social reality, often existing on the edge of perceptibility. His practice is conceptually-driven and is often born out of extensive academic and on-site/situation-specific research.


Altgårbra /Norway/France/UK  / visual artists
Alt Går Bra is a group of visual artists researching the intersections between art and politics through discursive events, exhibitions, and publications.

Alt Går Bra has received funding from the Norwegian Arts Council, Arts Council England, UK Heritage Lottery Fund, KORO/URO Public Art Norway, Hordaland Fylkeskommune, Norwegian Visual Artists Association, Fritt Ord, LevArt, Bergen City Council, and Pro Helvetia.