Guest artists Oktober


Ninet Kaijser /drawing / the Netherlands

My work consists of drawings made with colored pencil on paper or photo prints, in large and small format, in which I build the image in several layers of lines. I play with shadow, light, space, color and the directions of the lines. The results are unusual abstract drawings that refer to shapes and textures from nature and evoke a familiar yet alienating image.
The method; the long-term drawing in a rhythmic repetition, which creates the forms intuitively, as it were, is important for the final result. The long time it takes to make a large drawing inhibits impulsive thinking and thinking and postpones decisions. More and more lines in layers create or disappear new shapes.


Anastasia Savinova Russia / Sweden/ mixed media/performance/drawing

Anastasia Savinova explores the tension between the logical and the spiritual through the representation of artificial and natural spaces and the human presence in them. Her works span a wealth of media, such as drawing, photography, graphics, collages and performance.


Philipp Bünger /Berlin / Photography / drawing

Being educated as an architect Philipp tends to give things a structure; he´d rather recompose nature than depict it in its natural beauty. By doing so he turns it into an idealised, if not symbolic version of itself.
Philipp is obsessed by formalizing natural phenomenons and bringing them into a system of aesthetic or geometrical references.
Photography is Philipps main medium. He create pictures of moving objects using long exposure. The photos that are printed are untouched by the artist. Photography gives him the possibility to include other mediums like sculptures, installations, still life. His drawings and illustration have a meditative sense and are physically demanding to make.



Guest artists August


Bente Tømmerås / painting / drawing / Norway


Bente works with drawing, painting and graphics. She is inspired by modernism and abstract expressionism. Her working method is intuitive and spontaneous with a focus on presence and variation in the line. Her images are associative and reminiscent of surreal landscapes.

Epitome I, akryl på linlerret 165×200 cm, 2017

Johan Söderström / painting, installation, performance art / Sweden / Norway

Johan works with process-based minimalist painting made with filler in an oak frames. Many of them are produced during performative events. Sometimes as performances but usually in his studio. Documentation of the event is presented together with the finished work and part of its conceptual framework.


Eleanor Clare and Dillan Marsh / sound, installation, performance art / Great Britain / Norway

Eleanor Clare has a background in live performance, sound installation, voice and writing, while Dillan Marsh has worked with installation. Their collaboration began as an exploration into how the reflective nature of writing and the driving force of art making can influence one another. It has since become a meeting of performed action with installation, object and text. The duo work with field recordings, research in archives and experimentation with writing, voice, performance, making objects and drawings.

Otto Tveit / Etching, drawing, aquarelle / Norway

Otto is a classic cartoonist. His work is often based on local history and his characters are also endowed with it. Otto spent his childhood in Ålvik and it is a special experience for him to be back in his roots. From here he will use the time to make a sketch for a new cartoon with a background from the industry and the environment as it was in the 60s and 70s in Ålvik.


Guest artists February

Franzisca Siegrist /objects, installation, performance art/ Switzerland/Spain/Norway

Franzisca was born in Switzerland, raised in Spain (Canary Islands), lives mostly in Oslo, Norway and works internationally.
She has a Masters in Fine Art from the University of La Laguna (2008) and the Polytechnic University in Valencia (2010) where she studied performance art with spanish teacher and artist Bartolomé Ferrando. She works with objects, installations and performance art.
She is also co-founder and chair of the artist run initiative PAO – Performance Art Oslo (Norway) and has shown her work in several European countries, in Asia and USA.

I am interested in the possibilities of my body and observe its relationship with time and space. I use both cutsom made and mundane, everyday objects to create pieces where the objects are taken out of their regular context and given a new meaning.
The range of topics I deal with can vary, however there is always a connection to my own every day life and how I experience society. As a result, my works often bridge absurdity and poetry.



Guest Artists January

Alwynne Pritchard and Eva Pfitzenmaier (Great Britain / Germany ) performers/composers based in Bergen, Norway.
Eva & Alwynne are both working in the intersection of music and performative arts and have both presented own projects that connect songs and contemporary composition with performance, embedding the music into a broader artistic context.

At KHMessen they will be working on their project:
“Wanderlust” (working title), a collaboration between performers/composers Alwynne Pritchard and Eva Pfitzenmaier, will be a performative song cycle for two vocalists and one accompanying musician staged and performed at people’s private homes in Bergen and its surroundings.

Alwynne Pritchard:
Eva Pfitzenmaier:

Alwynne Pritchard. Photo by Thor Brødreskift.
Eva Pfitzenmaier. Photo by Martin E. Koch