Successful Open Studio

Thank you very much every one that visited the Open Studio last wednesday! We were happy with the well-attended evening. We also like to thank the participating artists for showing their exciting works!

Thank you Ross for you lovely poetry reading, Maia for showing your personal art works, Anastasia for your mundfull performance and videoworks, Sam for interesting view on architecture, Sunniva for your exciting illustrations and Karla for your lovely cutout works and Chris, for your great photos of Ålvik!


Ross and Bjorn Otto

Ross Donlon reading together with Bjørn Otto Wallevik, from his book Sjøvegen.


Ross Donlon reading his poems.

Maia2 Maia1

Works from the studio of Maja Skjøth Hegelund


Anastasia Savinova at het studio showing her videoworks.


Performance of Anastasia Savinova.

Sam2 Sam1

Sam van Strien talking about his work at his studio.

Sunniva2 Sunniva1

Sunniva Krogseth´s colorfull illustrations at her studio.

Karla 1Karla 2

Karla Caprali showing her cutouts.


One of the Ålvik photograps, of Chris Aadland, that he showed at the Open Studio.