Selection 2021

The selection committee at Kunstnarhuset Messen has now made the selection for 2021! That has been a very difficult decision this time all because of COVID19.

Because of the lockdown we have postponed the awarded working periods of all the artists from April, May, June, July, August and September this year to the next residency year 2021. Meaning, that we only had a few places left to offer to new artists, only for the months that were left over in 2021. That was a difficult decision to made with over 100 applications all of them from highly qualified artists.

We are pleased to announce the selection of 2021:

New selected artists:
Koen Kievits (the Netherlands)
Georgina Louise Campbell (Australia)
Danielle Klebes (USA)
Chih Hua Huang (Taiwan)
Andrew Neumann (USA)
Heidrun Rathgeb (Germany)
Jan Kromke (Germany)
Ina Loitzl (Austria)
Molly Joyce (USA)
Lynn Cazabon (USA)
Olia Fedorova (Ukraine)
Son Seon Kyung (South Korea)
Kuenlin Tsai (Taiwan)
Tero Juuti (Finland)
Ninet Kaijser (the Netherlands)
Efrat Merin (Israel)
Lucia Veronesi (Italy)
Paul Burn (USA/Germany)
Franzisca Siegrist (Swiss/Spain)
Christopher Eidtang (Norway)

Postponed artists from 2020 to 2021:
Julie Rafalski (Poland/USA)
Vardi Bobrow (Israel)
Kate Finegan (USA)
Marie Bink van Vollenhoven (the Netherlands)
Beth Frey (Canada)
Noor van der Brugge (the Netherlands)
Doris Marten (Germany)
Sky Kim (USA)
Kerstin Mörsch (Germany)
Hellen Abma (the Netherlands)
Christopher Squier (USA)
Anna Pangalou (Greece)
Ben Giles (UK)
Romane Armand (Belgium)
Scardoni Eléonore (France)
Bettina Henkel (Germany)
Marloes Staal (the Netherlands)
Timo Hofacker (the Netherlands)
Narumi Hori / Yuhi Kazama (Japan)

(illustration is made by Gregory Gan, during his stay at KHMessen)