Open Studio March

We at KHMessen feel so grateful and privileged that we can select and invite such fantastic artists for a residency at the Hardangerfjord.
This was once again so visible and tangible when seeing and experiencing the work of these strong artists and wonderful women. Thank you for showing your works and processes and for being here.
Sad to have to say goodbye again:

Open Studio February

Welcome to the Open studio of February 2024 !

It will be held on Monday 26th February at 19:00 – 21:00

With Art talks, coffee and snacks !


Open Studio January 2024

Welcome to our first Open studio of 2024 !

It will be held on Friday 26th January at 19:00 – 21:00

With Art talks, coffee and snacks !


Artists 2024

Selected artists 2024:

Selected artists 2024:

Tzu Ning Chiang (Viola Chiang)

Tia Maria Taylor Berry

Marianna Bruno

Marion Tränkle

Jamie Ashforth

Marcia Walker

Kyle Berry

Lopez, Eva-Maria

Vardi Bobrow

Christopher Linforth

Arne Heglum Ingvaldsen

Adam Sebire

Iris Lam
June Wesley

Karine Portal

Michal Gavish

Silfrún Una Guðlaugsdóttir

Elleke van Gorsel

Cristina Mariani

Evy Horpestad Tjåland

Beth Grossman

Timo Rytkönen

Moira Bateman

Lisa Hennig-Olsen

Ingrid Pasmans
Joris Vanpoucke

Hanneke Francken

Mayumi Okabayashi

Nicole Urban

Katharina Hamann and Niall Dooley

Judith Baumel and Philip Alcabes)

Núria Rion Virgili – Gerard Aluja Poblet

Paula Pereira

Pernilla Andersson

PJ Bruyniks

Open Studio September

Welcome to the Open Studio at KHMessen !

Thursday 28. September from kl. 19 – 21

Participating artists:

Per Stian Monsås  /Norge 

Roos Vogels / Nederland

Lynn Cazabon / USA

Mina Arakaki / Japan

Agnieszka Foltyn / Norge/New Zealand

Gunhild Sannes  / Norge

image on front webpage: worktitled: “Shadows” Agnieszka Foltyn

Open Kunstpark og open studio

Exhibition Åse Berit Skeie Ulltang

Neste laurdag opnar Åse Berit Skeie Ulltang utstilling i Kunstnarhuset Messen kl 12 – 15. Velkomen !

Open Studio Oktober

A visual impression of the colorful and dynamic open studio yesterday evening.
We have seen interesting presentations of the artists:

Son Seon Kyung (South Korea)
Kerstin Mörsch (Germany)

Lucia Veronesi (Italy) and (collaboration: All from two)
Paul Burn (USA/Germany) and (collaboration: All from two)

Thank you all for coming !

Animation from Son Seon Kyung
At the studio of Son Seon Kyung
Son Seon Kyung
Kerstin Mörsch in her studio.
At the studio of Kerstin Mörsch
At the studio of Kerstin Mörsch
Lucia Veronesi and her artworks.
Artwork of Lucia Veronesi
Paul Burn and his artwork.
All from two is a collaboration between Paul Burn and Lucia Veronesi.
Art work from the collaboration All from two.

Open Studio October

Welcome to the Open studio on Friday 28. oktober from 19-21

October Artists:

Paul Burn / USA / Tyskland 

Lucia Veronesi / Italia

Kerstin Mörsch / Tyskland

Son Seon Kyung / Sør Korea

Open Call 2023

Applications are now open for a working period in 2023 at KHMessen in Norway!

The Art residence gives time for reflection, research, presentation and production. We welcome visual artists, writers, composer/musicians, performance artists at any stage of their careers who are interested in exploring and expanding their work in a unique and supportive environment. KHMessen consists of artistically crafted and unique living and studio spaces. Time spans are individually based – 1 to 3 months, accommodating 4 to 6 artists at a time.

KHMessen is situated in the small town Ålvik surrounded by mountains and very close to the fjord.

KHMessen AiR program is particularly beneficial to those who find it restorative to live in a community environment surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and fjords.

The spaces are versatile, providing residents with opportunities to connect and interact with other artists in the house and with the Ålvik community. Also to create and participate with the monthly Open studio and artist talks or house concerts.

Please note: Residency periods are for full calendar month(s) and we ask a fee of 1000 Norwegian Krone per month.

The application for 2023 is open till the end of June 2022.

You can apply with our online application form, that is accessible by this link:


(You can find our online application form on our website under: How to apply)

For more information please email: