Art house Messen, Ålvik, Norway
Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norge

Labor Capital

A work by Gabriel Johann Kvendseth


For Messen Artpark he has reworked the sculpture Labor Capital – an ordinary shovel made with Norwegian copper, nickel silver, bronze, and cupronickel coins minted between 1909 and 2013.

The artwork of Gabriel Johann Kvendseth (b. 1984, Karlsøy, Norway) appears at the same time multifunctional and dysfunctional, oscillating between concrete prose and metaphor. Traffic across disciplinary borders, between the domains of art and craft, is a leading trope. His artistic practice encompasses sculpture, performance and installation. He frequently works with abandoned materials, which he manipulates idiosyncratically, often ending up with sculptures that resemble weapons, tools or ceremonial artefacts.