IMG_2952Search, was the working title for the work in progress, a project that began in Messen, and became a project called Tea-time.
Every day, walking, collecting branches, thinking, building ….
My stay at the residence, was a meeting with myself, learning and reflection of my life experiences, a quiet place, peace and concentration.


Meeting new artists, sharing excursions contact with nature..
Thank you very much to all the family of Messen, for making my stay an unforgettable experience.

That moment of rest, a pause , thoughts, dreams …
Each tea bag, a leaf, a dream.

Connection with myself, with nature, like a language close to the spirit and essence of things (a fallen leaf in the autumn wind, returning to life a branch). Draw sculptures in empty space, weaving new realities within other. Every corner , a stop along the way is a laboratory of experimentation, questioning, learning …

Works that are adapted to the exhibition space, a game projected on the wall shadows, the very transparent rice paper, which allows us to see very subtle inside the bags of paper, twigs found in nature, in this case, found in the environment close the residence , Messen.

We weave our own dreams, a new habitat.


About my objectives :
I’m interested in the combination between ARTIST RESEARCH and ARTIST EDUCATION.To investigate the way between Architectural + Sculpture  = “Archisculture” , New architectural forms with organic materials and ephemeral works.

Integration with the landscape. Nature as a laboratory for experimentation, discovery, learning ..
Construction and deconstruction.
Playing with the concept inside and outside.
Bring small parts of nature back to life.
Through recycling as a way …, creating pieces as from paper, other than materials found at the site ..Bring small parts of nature back to life.
Hands as my instrument, knotting with our hands as the birds make their nests, intersect one another, Knitting with wire….
We weave our own dreams, a new habitat.

Paola Ruiz Moltó

Paola (Spain) was a guestartist in Messen from september until november 2013.







“Activity carried out with the help of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Spain” /
” Actividad realizada con la ayuda del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, España”

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