Art house Messen, Ålvik, Norway
Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norge

Selected Artists for 2019 !

Congratulations to all the selected artists for 2019!

Adi Hoffman (Israel)
Alt Går Bra (Norway)
Barbara Höller (Austria)
Carissa Baktay (Iceland) and Neil Martin Horvath (Iceland)
Carmi Weingrod (USA)
Carol Archer (Australia)
Catherine Sheedy (Canada)
Christopher (Kit) Kelen (Australia)
Dabal Kim (South Korea) and Dong Hun Sung (South Korea)
Dorian Temming (the Netherlands)
Filipa Pontes Lança (Portugal)
Heike Endemann (Germany)
Helen Horgan (Ireland)
Hyang An, Lee (South Korea)
Ingrid Simons (the Netherlands)
Iris Blauensteiner (Austria)
Jamie McGhee (USA)
Jasper Llewellyn (UK)
Joanna Rotkin (USA)
Kala Pierson (USA)
Kjersti Lande (Norway)
Lindsey Dezman (USA)
Lucia Veronesi (Italy)
Maya Økland (Norway)
Melody Loveless (USA)
Monica Auch (the Netherlands)
Nicolette Klerk (the Netherlands)
Paola Ruiz Molto (Spain)
Paul Burn (Germany)
Sandra Kruisbrink (the Netherlands)
Sandy Harris (UK)
Sidsel Nielsen Bonde (Danmark)
Silke Panknin (Germany)
Susanna Crum (USA) and Rodolfo Salgado Jr (USA)
Tero Juuti (Finland)
Tom Faber (UK)
Vardi Bobrow (Israel)
Ville Tanttu (Finland) and Anastasios Strikos (Finland)
Zoie So (Hong Kong)

October 30, 2018
Selected Artists for 2019 !

Open Studio Oktober

Thank you all for a very inspring Open Studio!

Anastasia Savinova

Agnieszka Gotowala

Agnieszka Gotowala

Zane Tuča

Zane Tuča

Zane Tuča

Laurie Lambrecht

Laurie Lambrecht

Laurie Lambrecht

Passepartout Duo

October 29, 2018
Open Studio Oktober

Open Studio August

Photo review of the Open studio in August:

We feel so lucky with all the poem readings we got from our dear friend Ross for many years already! Every reading is special!

Ross reading from his book Sjøvegen, with translation from Bjørn Otto in nynorsk and in spanish from Donna Glee.

Videostill of the music video, a collaboration of Bjørn Otto and Ross Donlon. music: Bjorn Otto Wallevik Camera: Ross Donlon

Videostill of the music video, a collaboration of Bjørn Otto and Ross Donlon. music: Bjorn Otto Wallevik Camera: Ross Donlon

Donna Glee is telling about the inspiration for her new book that she is working on during the residency at Messen. — met Donna Glee in Ålvik, Hordaland, Norway.

Neal Cahoon at his studio, showing his writings and sound works that he is been working on during his first month at Messen. — in Ålvik, Hordaland, Norway.

Neal Cahoon

Neal Cahoon

Ingrid Pasmans showing her artworks inspired by the surroundings of Messen and by her daily morning swims in the fjord ! (respect Ingrid !)

Behind Ingrid is the work that she specially made for the Art festival OddArt in Odda.

Hellen Abma at her studio showing the results of her stay at Messen and how the norwegian landscape began to appear in her drawings.

Hellen Abma

Hellen Abma

The youngest artist in the house (daughter of Hellen) proudly showing her latest artwork


August 31, 2018
Open Studio August

Open Studio July

Review of the Open Studio in July:

Ross reading his poems.

The children contributed with their artworks. This is Diego (son of Jean-Michel Crapanzano)

Studio work of Jean-Michel Crapanzano

The contribution of the other artist son, Carlo.


Visiting the studio of Jean-Michel Crapanzano.

Fei Li.

Visiting the studio and paper installation of Fei Li.

Paper installation of Fei Li.

Visitor standing in the paper installation of Fei Li.

Printwork of Sylvia Waltering

Visiting the studio of Sylvia Waltering.

Printwork of Sylvia Waltering.

Visiting the studio of Amy Dynan

Charcoal drawings of Amy Dynan

Amy Dynan talking about her drawing process.

Open Studio chats

July 28, 2018
Open Studio July

Open Studio June

We experienced another wonderful Open Studio at KHMessen. Wow, what a super skilled artists are visiting Messen. We feel very lucky!
Thank you so much for showing all your fine works: Rebecca, Leo, Anna, Gabriel and Cheryl!

Studio visit at Rebecca Haseltine

Drawings of Eléonore Scardoni

Studio visit Eléonore Scardoni

Book with studio coordinates of Anna Hill.

Studio visit of Anna Hill

House made by Gabriel Kaprielian

House with a view made by Gabriel Kaprielian

Studio visit Gabriel Kaprielian

Studio visit Gabriel Kaprielian

Concert of natural sounds by Cheryl E. Leonard

Concert of natural sounds by Cheryl E. Leonard

July 1, 2018
Open Studio June

Apply for a residency in 2019 !

(photo credit Tom Lauritz Haaland)

Apply for a 1 up to 3 months residency at KHMessen in 2019 !!!!

Our application period is open from the 1th July until 31 august 2018.
The online application form will be avaliable at in this period.

June 6, 2018
Apply for a residency in 2019 !

Open Studio 24th March

KHMessen will open their door again for the next Open Studio at 24th March. kl. 18:00 – 21:00

For some of the artists it marks the end of their stay at Messen, yet for others the beginning.

Participating artists are:
Zsófia Jakab (Hungary)
Carla Souto & Álvaro Giménez Ibáñez  (Spain)
Graham Murtough (USA)
Filipa Pontes (Portugal)
Seirin Hyung (UK / South Korea)
Juliette Romboti (Greece)
Wim van den Toorn (NL / Norway)



Zsófia Jakab – Spinning Wheel 1


Alvaro Gimenez Ibanez – [Due to Compelling Reasons, We Could Not Offer a Higher Rate of Profitability for This Piece of Nature. We Apologize for Any Inconvenience Caused.]

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Carla Souto



Graham Murtough – Remembering Ruin 1



Filipa Pontes


Seirin Hyung


Image Layering (14)

Juliette Romboti


March 15, 2018
Open Studio 24th March

Solo exhibition Seirin Hyung

We are very proud to announce the solo exhibition of Seirin Hyung at Galleri Bokboden in Bergen.
Paintings made during her residency at Messen !

Opening at 5. March, from kl. 17:00 – 19:00 !


February 14, 2018
Solo exhibition Seirin Hyung