Art house Messen, Ålvik, Norway
Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norge

Messen Art Park

Messen Art Park, March 2021

Messen Kunstpark
– mellom fjell, fjord og draumar –
Messen Kunstpark er ein visningsstad for temporære kunstverk, mellom fjell, fjord og draumar.
Her får kunstnarar ein arena for utprøving og eksperimentering, nye utfordringar og ny innsikt

Messen Art Park
Located next to the artist residency KHMessen in Ålvik Messen Art Park is a small park for temporary art installations.
The Messen Art Park project group invites artists to participate by making a new work for the Art Park. The work process and placing artworks/installations is starting from April 2021. The works will be exhibited in the park for at least one year.

For the first year (2021) 3 artists are invited to participate:

Gabriel Johann Kvendseth
(b. 1984, Karlsøy, Norway) lives and works in Bergen, Norway, and is a graduate of the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design.

(Click on the photo to see the artwork at Art Park Messen)

Aud Bækkelund
Lives and works in Norheimsund and is gratuated at the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design.

(Project in progress… soon be updated

Simone Hooymans
(b. 1974, Nijmegen, the Netherlands) lives and works in Ålvik, Norway and is graduated in Fine Art at the Art Academy Arnhem and Postgraduate at Art Academy St. Joost, Breda, both in the Netherlands.

(Project in progress… soon be updated)