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Living in a hologram

When I first came to Messen in Spring, 2011 I wasn’t sure what I would find. I wondered if I would find anything. Was it a hoax, a scam, the fjord pictures photo-shopped? A hologram? Would there be nothing but a mocking face on a wall? Fooled you! And I had come a long way […]

Can we speak with light using our body?

Can we speak with light using our body? This was a central question I hoped to answer when I arrived at Kunstnarhuset Messen this June. If light is language, it is always speaking into me. And what am I saying with it? Can one understand the sun from a rocky shore? Can one understand distance […]

The Bumblebee in Norway

Linda Molenaar creates accessible objects which creates questions. In their simplicity here ‘animal-objects’ mirror you, not critically or socially, but in stillness; one that invites you to take a close look at yourself. The longer you look, the more you see. During the residency in Messen she created the bumblebee (work is still in progress) […]

Dreams wanted

Anna Suwalowska from Poland, makes paintings, drawings, photography, collage and installations. In Messen she was mainly working on her dream project. She asked the local people, to write down their dreams and post them in the dreambox in the library. She would use the dreams as inspiration, for her drawings and show the result at […]

Pasta on the fire

Giovanni Calabrese from Italy is a painter and works with architecture, but above all he is a social artist! He organized a pasta-on-the-fire-afternoon, after italien tradition, and invited the whole village, to join and have a taste. www.giovanni-calabrese.com Giovanni and Snowy (resident from Hong Kong) working hard to make dinner for the villagers.    

The beautiful silence

messen is wonderful… it is a beautiful, silence and inspiring place. my working place was absolutly great. I had a very concentrated and lovely time. highly recommended elisabeth altenburg (austria) guestartist in Messen, november 2013

Another color

“In countries where the light has another color faces along the street at dusk can turn to pearls in a slow indigo sea…” by Norwegian Poet Rolf Jacobsen Arriving in Ålvik late on our first night I encountered “another color”. Although tired after the journey I was sleepless with excitement, anticipation and eagerness to experience […]


Search, was the working title for the work in progress, a project that began in Messen, and became a project called Tea-time. Every day, walking, collecting branches, thinking, building …. My stay at the residence, was a meeting with myself, learning and reflection of my life experiences, a quiet place, peace and concentration.   Meeting […]

Ålvik in November

The three most important things about Alvik in November are: weather, rocks and darkness..     Natalia Zaluska, Poland, artist in residency Messen, November 2013. www.nataliazaluska.com