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KHMessen at Galleri puls

Messen’s Open House is a public meeting between the guestartists, staying in Messen at that moment, and the local people and those interested. The guestartists give a presentation about their work, a workshop or give a concert. In every way they would like to present themselves, and their work. All works and photographs by Tiziana […]

Exhibition Ellen de Vries

Ellen de Vries is a dutch photographer, living in Haarlem (NL), who was a resident of Messen during the summer of 2014. The result of her stay is now visable, projected as slide show, on the windows of Galleri puls in Norheimsund. Until February 2016. Interview with Ellen de Vries, after her stay in 2014. […]

An Inspirational Residency

Having spent a wonderful 6 weeks at Messen Kunstnarhuset over the previous summer, I was keen to return there for September and October 2015. It is really an inspirational residency. The environment – on the banks of Hardanger fjord – is spectacular. There are wonderful trees and plants and rocks to draw, endless walking possibilities, […]

Truande [looming]

The sea is steely grey and reflective, hard and animated. The bus carries me out of the town, past the place where I was shown how to pull a trigger and swing a lasso, past the place we moored a boat and attended a small camp-fire party one pleasant evening, past the steps to Kjepso, […]

Knitting project in Ålvik

Jen Pepper lived for one month in Kunstnarhuset Messen, and started up this project because of her fascination about water and topographic maps. Pepper: “My project “How to wear a Hardangerfjord” is a collaborative project with three women from Alvik, Astrid Farestveit Selsvold, Camilla Gangal and Merete Salvesen Wallevik. Much of the motivation behind my […]

Coming into the Fjord

Hello from North Carolina! Now, deep in January—which I realize may mean something very different in the American South than it does in Norway, or Australia, or in the other far-flung places from which artists and writers have come to Ǻlvik—I’m warmed by thoughts of my August on the fjord. (Does anyone else from the […]

God Jul !

This year, 2014, has been a exciting and dynamic year for Messen. Why? Because we have had special visitors from all over the world! Writers, poets, painters, performancers, photographers, people making beautiful drawings and people doing creative research. We laughed, talked and made lots of new friends. Sometimes the projects and initiative of an artist […]

Carol Archer: thoughts on the sublime

Making art at Messen Kunstnarhuset impressed on me the wonders of light, colour and nature in this remarkable part of the world. The sky exerted a magnetic attraction on me and I found myself noting its changing colour throughout the days and nights I spent there, particularly as the days lengthened between mid-June (when I […]

Kit Kelen

Christopher (Kit) Kelen is a well known Australian poet, scholar and visual artist, and Professor of English at the University of Macau, where he has taught Creative Writing and Literature for the last fourteen years. Volumes of his poetry have been published in Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish and Filipino languages. Japanese and Indonesian editions are […]